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Australia’s foremost Affiliated Health Organisation devoted to the care, education and wellbeing of families experiencing parenting challenges.

 A logical synergy exists between Karitane and L’il Fraser Collection as both actively support the wellbeing of both mum and dads and baby. By aligning with us, and with their endorsement of the L'il Fraser wraps, Karitane acknowledges the quality, design and benefits of the wraps in supporting safe comfort and sleep for your baby.

L'il Fraser Collection baby wraps have been tested and approved by Karitane to be used as per the wrapping guide located here.

What we do?

Becoming a parent is an exciting and challenging time and Karitane have been the leaders in parenting services since 1923. We provide education and support on the unique challenges of parenting to mums and dads with children from birth to 5 years of age. All our services are evidence based and delivered by a caring and highly trained professional team of family health nurses, paediatricians, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists offering complete holistic care. Karitane support new parents around sleep and settling, establishing routines, feeding and nutrition, toddler behaviour and pre and post natal anxiety and depression. We are a registered charity, supported by the NSW Ministry of Health and the Department of Family & Community Services. In addition to our government funding, much of our work is thanks to donations from individuals and organisations.

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How we help parents?

Our caring healthcare professionals guide, support and educate families through our parenting centres, residential services, mental health centre, specialized toddler clinics and community outreach programs. Our community programs, parenting courses and care line do not require a referral however parenting centres, residential services, mental health service and toddler clinic require a referral from a health professional e.g. GP, Child and Family Health Nurse, Social Worker

Do you have a parenting question about your 0 – 5 year old child?

Call Karitane Careline to speak with a friendly and experienced Child and Family Health Nurse who will support you with guidance and encouragement on your parenting journey.  Our professional team are here to support you with topics that include:

Sleep and settling,


Establishing routines


Adjusting to parenthood

Returning to work and more

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For more information www.karitane.com.au