About Us


L'il Fraser Collection is a range of thoughtfully designed baby wraps,

the only baby wraps recommended by leading mothers’ help groups and maternity hospitals.


L’il Fraser Collection baby wraps were designed by founder Kate McIntosh in early 2004 during pregnancy with her son. Whilst riding the indescribable high of carrying a first child, she shopped for baby products and found a distinct gap in the marketplace for a number of key items that every pregnant woman and new mum looks for; The perfect baby wrap. This wrap seemed to be more of an idea than a reality so, rather than expand the search; she decided to create it herself.

Her son Oscar was born 4 weeks prematurely and even though he was 5lbs 10, Kate couldn’t find a wrap that was big enough to keep him wrapped up tightly enough to promote the feeling of the womb but also have the ability to enable him to move.

The perfect baby wrap had to address a number of important elements. It had to be large enough to accommodate babies of all sizes and have enough stretch to allow freedom of movement without unwrapping during precious sleep time. And the perfect size and fabric would mean it would be versatile enough to be used in other ways. Being multi-purpose, the ideal baby wrap would save valuable space in the nappy bag and eliminate the need to buy other items.

A unique weaving technique was also created to ensure a natural stretch without synthetic fibres being used in the manufacturing process.

L'il Fraser – the perfect baby wrap was born!


The L'il Fraser wrap is a stylish, affordable and high quality baby wrap. It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s the handiest essential baby item ever. Parents use it as a feeding shawl, a cot sheet, a pram cover, a bassinette throw and as a floor rug so that baby can be allowed to stretch out safely in unfamiliar places.

Since those humble beginnings back in 2004, L'il Fraser has grown to become one of the leading baby wrap brands throughout Australia. With international expansion now on the cards,  mothers all over the world will be able to  enjoy the unique benefits of the perfect baby wrap. Despite this expansion  quality and consistency remain the main priority for Lil Fraser Collection products as it was with Kate’s own baby boy in 2004.

The L’il Fraser Collection Baby Wrap is a proudly owned Australian company and invention. Our wrap is made from 100% jersey cotton and is now available in sixteen different colours, with more beautiful designs on the way.