About Us



We are a proud Australian-born, family run business specialising in products made from  the softest, most comfortable and highest-quality fabrics that are specifically designed to soothe and settle.
When our founder, Kate McIntosh, was expecting her first child in 2004 she did what all expectant mothers love to do – search for the perfect baby clothes and accessories for the new arrival. One item that eluded her was the perfect baby wrap. Of course, there were various baby wraps and swaddles available, but none of them had the all the features Kate was looking for, such as the right size, fabric, appearance and ‘stretchability’.
Her son Oscar was born four weeks early and was not a big baby, at just under 6lbs. Even so, Kate still couldn’t find the right wrap. There didn’t seem to be anything available that was big enough to keep Oscar wrapped up nice and snug, giving him that security he was used to from the womb, while still having enough ‘give’ to let him move a little.
Following the maxim ‘if you want something done properly, do it yourself’, Kate decided to get busy and design her own perfect baby wrap! This wrap needed to have a number of important elements. It had to be big enough for babies of all sizes and stretchy enough to allow natural movement, without working loose during precious sleep time. The right wrap would be available in a variety of stylish designs that mums would love, and it would be versatile enough to be used in other ways. Kate knew that a multi-purpose baby wrap would be a motherhood essential, reducing the need for other items and saving valuable space in the nappy bag. An all-natural fabric was a must too, so a unique weaving technique was created to ensure a natural stretch without the need for any synthetic fibres.
And so, L’il Fraser – the perfect baby wrap – was born!
Since those humble beginnings back in 2004, L’il Fraser is still proudly Australian-owned and run by  Kate McIntosh, and the L’il Fraser Collection has grown to become one of Australia’s leading baby swaddle wrap brands, trusted and loved by parents all over the country.
Where we’re heading
We’ve got some exciting plans! L’il Fraser has always been about natural, eco-friendly products and packaging. Now we’re working hard to further develop our commitment to sustainable, earth-friendly and eco-conscious goods. Stay tuned for more news.