L'il Fraser supports safe swaddling and hip health. The following information is from Healthy Hips Australia and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute:

There are many benefits to swaddling during the first months of life; it provides security and comfort, aides in settling and establishing sleep patterns. Research indicates swaddling can increase the risk for developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). DDH is a common childhood condition where the hip joint does not fit in the ‘normal’ position due to abnormal development and/or lack of growth of the joint’s ball and socket. 

To help natural hip development during swaddling:

Source: International Hip Dysplasia Institute

Source: International Hip Dysplasia Institute


  • Position your baby with their hips bent and knees apart; a bit like a frog.
  • Allow room around the hips for movement.
  • Wrap the upper body firmly, but not tightly. Consider swaddling the arms only.
  • Follow SIDS and Kids guidelines.
  • Stop swaddling once your baby is rolling, back to tummy and onto back again, during playtime, as it may prevent your baby from returning to their back during sleep (around 4-6months of age).


Source: International Hip Dysplasia Institute

Source: International Hip Dysplasia Institute


  • Wrap legs tight and straight down / pressed together. At this stage in life, the hip joint can be loosened in the straight-legged position.
  • Use sleep sacks and pouches that tighten around the thigh.


Diamond – secure the arms individually. Twist the bottom of the wrap loosely so the legs are free to move within a sack, and tuck under your baby.

Square – secure the arms individually. Fold up the bottom of the wrap loosely over the chest, to create a pouch for free leg movement, then tuck under your baby.

Sleep sack or pouch – select those designed for free leg movement.

View the International Hip Dysplasia Institute demo video here: