Welcome to L'il Fraser Collection!

Welcome to L'il Fraser Collection!

Hello, I’m Kate McIntosh, founder of L’il Fraser Collection. This story begins with the birth of my baby son in 2004. I couldn't find a wrap that settled my son properly, was generously sized and had great style.  That set my creativity flowing, so I drew on my skills as a designer and set out to create the perfect baby wrap.

My inspiration came from my own sense of style, which is based on the relaxed yet chic Sydney beach environment. Designs reflect the openness and informality of the beach lifestyle, while blending with high end nursery and home decor. A very Sydney combination!

L'il Fraser needed to have perfect function as well as form. For me, this meant a generous size for secure wrapping, great 2 way stretch  - again helping to wrap securely, fabulous feel and quality so babies could be softly cocooned with only the highest quality fabric against their tender skin.  And as a bonus, L'il Fraser can be used as a light pram blanket, play rug or throw.

I knew I was on the right track when many mums asked me where I got my swaddles and could they have one too! So perhaps there was the germ of a business?

Confident from the huge encouragement I received from friends and mums, I launched L'il Fraser onto the market, insisting on beautiful packaging so that receiving L'il Fraser as a gift would be a joyful occasion. 

Over the years, many mums have confided in me, and I've been able to help them settle their babies. Still, parents keep telling me there’s still not enough clear information on baby sleep available. So this blog will be filled with useful tips, tricks and techniques for baby settling, baby sleep, comforting, wrapping, swaddling and related baby health issues.

Mums who are thrilled with their L'il Fraser swaddles keep asking me to design other products. Some of the most common requests are 'Why don't you do a comforter that matches the wraps?' and 'I wish I could get sheets in the same fabric!'

So, by popular demand, in May we'll be launching Fraser, the cutest, cuddliest little dog you ever did see, and in June our superb cot sheets arrive in their wonderful gift boxes. We can't wait!

More on that soon...


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