L'il Fraser Collection at Life InStyle Sydney

Life InStyle is Australia's boutique trade event showcasing emerging trends, brands and products that are on the cooler side of style and design.

L'il Fraser has always been the choice of stylists and bloggers for their babies, and many of L'il Fraser's favourite influencers will be at Life InStyle.

If you're going to be at Life InStyle, we'd love to welcome you to see the L'il Fraser range at the Kids InStyle section on Stand K416.

We're excited because this will be the first chance many of you will have been able to touch and feel the new L'il Fraser cotton interlock cot linen. 

The fitted and flat cot sheets in single or set form have already been well received, with the smooth hand feel and pared back designs setting them apart from most sheeting on the market.

While the 100% cotton interlock stretches to easily fit standard or Boori brand cots, each sheet can be tucked under a bassinet mattress to make a statement Moses basket.

Life InStyle also will showcase the versatility of the L'il Fraser swaddle wraps. These oversize wraps swaddle a newborn to ensure a good night's sleep. They're also ideal as a pram blanket or top sheet. The 120 cm x 120 cm sizing makes a generously-sized tummy time rug or breastfeeding shawl. And, we heard of an ingenious idea recently from a mother of a two year old - L'il Fraser wraps make great sarongs!

Swaddling is recommended for babies until they are four months old, or until they can roll over.  Many brands of baby sleeping bags or swaddles are then rendered unfit to use, but the L'il Fraser wrap can be repurposed for years.

A comforter to take to pre-school, a "blankie" to tuck into a school camp, a cover for a pillow at a sleepover. L'il Fraser swaddle wraps remain an important and comforting link to babyhood for many years of a child's life.

We are going to be demonstrating the swaddling techniques designed to ensure Healthy Hips using L'il Fraser swaddle wraps at the Life InStyle show, specifically the technique recommended by Karitane, a product partner of L'il Fraser wraps.

The video to watch is in the settling section of http://karitane.com.au/mybabyandme/